The man behind the logo...

Dr. Philip Arthur Wales, Captain in the United States Navy, dedicated physician, and co-founder of the Lockhart State Bank, was better known to his beloved family as Gran. Dr. Wales delivered hundreds of Caldwell County citizens, and hundreds more owe their lives to his skills as a physician, surgeon, and obstetrician. He loved seeing his patients and friends around town and could tell countless stories of the day he birthed them, or embarrassing tales from their childhood.

Even though he was busy with his medical practice and naval career, Dr. Wales wanted to dedicate even more of his time to his beloved community. He co-founded the Lockhart State Bank in 1957 with his friend Newton Wilson and continued to serve on its Board of Directors for 50 years. Concurrently, Dr. Wales served many years on the Lockhart Independent School Board. Unsurprisingly to his family, he was voted Most Worthy Citizen of Lockhart in 1986.

As if all this wasn't enough, our Gran ran a cattle ranch in the 1970s-1990s that brought him great joy. This photo was taken of him many years ago, perched on his ranch fence, taking in his beloved acres and cows. An artist named Nolfani worked with us to create a new logo to represent our house, naturally drawing inspiration from our patriarch, and this photo in particular.

It's worth mentioning that Prairie Lea, and especially Phil, would've been nothing without our "Mimi", Elizabeth Schneider Wales, his wife of 65 years.

We love them both dearly and operate Prairie Lea today in their honor.