Where we come from...

Right here, in good ole Lockhart, Texas 🌵

This house was bought by our parents, Dr. Phil and Liz Wales, shortly after their marriage in 1952. Originally a three bedroom home, our house was gradually expanded over the years as our family grew - first three children, followed by nine grandchildren, and, today, 15 wonderful great-grandchildren.

Prairie Lea has remained the beloved, beating heart of the Wales family for 71 years and counting.

Phil and Liz built this house into more than just a home - it is where they taught us how to love, to always work hard in everything we pursue, appreciate every moment, and where they showed us how to fight for what we believe is right.

Upon the loss of Phil in 2017 at age 98, and Liz in 2021 right before her 96th birthday, their two daughters, Kim and Melinda, knew they wanted to honor their parents through the sustainment of Prairie Lea. This house has already lived many lives in its seven decades, and Kim and Melinda are proud to present its latest iteration: supporter of Lockhart arts & culture.